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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Art Every Day Month - November 28

8 Words for the Holiday Season

A friend of mine discovered some ancient rubdown letter sheets in his basement, and passed them on to me thinking I might be able to use them.

Old English typeface in gold letters!
And just before Christmas!
Well, of course I could use them!

I didn't even have time to get my brain in gear before I started to see the Christmas words forming... and y'know once you start, it's awfully difficult to stop.

An interesting thing about the old rubdown letters is that the way in which they glue themselves to the paper makes them water resistant.
So you can paint over them with watercolor and the water will pool back from the letter onto the paper where is will be soaked up.
This can lead to some interesting markings around the edges of the type, a sort of random drop shadow effect, or the appearance of a highlight where none really exists.
And this can add visual emphasis to what could be a very ordinary application.

So, with thanks to my generous friend, scant days away from Christmas, my Advent gift to you is the meaning of these eight words in the Holiday Season.
Happy Advent!

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