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What will I discover?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Texture Study - Toad in a Jar

Preliminary Drawing
Texture Study - "Toad in a Jar"
Digital drawing, 800px x 600px

Sometimes while you are watching the ugliest things in the world, they become things of great beauty and fascination. Take this toad, for example. Warty and totally unappealing, dumped in a glass jar, no wonder he was so grumpy-looking.

And then, I saw the attractiveness of all those textures, the shininess of those deep, dark eyes.
Don't get me wrong, I still don't want to kiss the fellow, but I was pleased to release him into a friend's garden to start a new career keeping the insects at bay.

And he left me wondering if I could possibly capture the beauty of this creature.



Sharon said...

That's great! I've tried drawing digitally using a tablet but found it really hard. Must try again!

Gwen said...

You are so good at drawing...I would kiss him, definitely.
So glad you are going to release him:)

Mavis said...

Hi Sharon: Drawing with the tablet is a lot like doing contour drawing, it doesn't make sense until you start doing it, and then it's incredible what you can do! Don't give up on the tablet. :)

Hi Gwen: With those eyes, he's almost irresistable, isn't he? He hopped out of the jar, stared at me for a moment and then just disappeared into the grass. Thanks for checking in!

Cynthia Morris said...

Love it! Poor little guy!

Mavis said...

Hi Cynthia:
Y'know, this fellow really does have an appeal that goes beyond his looks. Thanks for checking in on the blog, I'm glad you did.