Commitment: the state of being emotionally impelled to do something. My commitment is to making art, loving life and doing well.

Daily Artworks... my continuing challenge for 2015: Observe and record. Record and observe. And stretch - s-t-r-e-t-c-h - myself.
What will I discover?

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Gone to the Dogs - Day 23

Spirit and her Shadow  

Spirit is enjoying the late afternoon sunshine    
- and her shadow puts another dog in the pen   

Spirit is waiting patiently for a treat, staying close enough to nuzzle up to where the treats are in the jacket pockets.


Barbara Martin (@Reptitude) said...

Such a sweet face. You often mention how playful she is, but in her portrait photos she seems to look thoughtful ... at least to me. What makes me want to imbue "human" qualities?

Mavis said...

Could it be that Spirit is the dog who sits still while my camera tries to keep up with focus and exposure?
And yes, Spirit is the dog who leaps in the air with delight when she sees the really good stuff coming!