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Friday, November 20, 2009

Art Every Day Month - November 20

16-Block Exercise Based on a Painting by Paul Klee

When I was a student, I was given an assignment to study the work of an artist of my choice. I had to demonstrate my familiarity with the work of this artist by presenting a written report, accompanied by an entirely original visual composition done in the style of that artist. The artist I chose back then was Paul Klee.

When I was figuring out what I could do with the 16-block format I have assigned myself for AEDM this month, I was reminded of Klee's much-reproduced painting, Senecio. This painting was crying out to be chopped up into 16 blocks! So I set in to do the interpretation.

And with some adjustment in proportions, it worked. Although the original painting is in oil, the watercolor techniques I am using worked reasonably well, too. I stepped back from the 16-block arrangement pleased with today's results.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that! Nice interpretation!

Mavis said...

Thanks, Lisa! It was fun to do problem solving with the watercolor paints, and see how they responded.

Sharon said...

Really cool! I love it.

linda said...

Very cool interpretation - great job!

Julie Jordan Scott said...

This is gorgeous! It works wonderfully!

Mavis said...

Thanks Sharon, Linda and Julie... It's great to know you folks are enjoying the experimentation I'm doing with these 16-block arrangements!
Thank you for your comments!


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