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What will I discover?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Art Every Day Month - November 24

16 Star Blocks

Ask a quilter what a 16-patch is.
It's a patchwork quilt pattern arranged with four squares running horizontally and four squares running vertically.

The watercolors I have been doing for AEDM have the same configuration of 16 blocks, if not the same proportions.
So you know it was only a matter of time before I broke out the quilt patterns to put a 16-patch design together.

I love star quilt patterns, and I wanted to play around with emphasizing the triangles that make up the star shapes by using contrasting colors... complementary colors, actually.

I like that I have got a sparkling background with the blue and violet "Star Puzzle" blocks in the background, and the four orange and yellow "Mariner's Star" blocks in the corners twinkle nicely against it.

I regret that the four "Guiding Star" blocks in the center appear to have a rigid rectangular border. Takes away from the night sky look.

Too bad this design is a watercolor painting... a quilter could just pick out the stitches on the offending areas and patch together the right colors!


Leah said...

very cool! the contrasting colors look great.

Unknown said...

each day, i visit new post and enjoy to stop on yours

Anonymous said...

bright and clear light

Mavis said...

Hi Leah:
Thank you for this great opportunity to play with the art-toys and learn so much!

Julie Jordan Scott said...

Ohh... water color quilts! I sort of see my hands as part of a quilt, though I wonder sometimes if that is simply a metaphor?

Unknown said...

thanks for your comment on my post, it does helps and give motivation to see that my words can touch others

Mavis said...

Hi Lila and Rebecca:
Thanks for your encouragement... I am enjoying the community of artists who visit AEDM!

Mavis said...

Hi Julie:
One of the most enjoyable pieces of "school art" I ever saw was a full wall mural at the front entrance of an elementary school... it was entirely made up of construction paper cutouts of the kids' hands - every child in the school was waving at you as you came into the door.

I'm enjoying your "hands" and how expressive they are. Thanks!

Leisa said...

Dazzling!! You have such creative talent Mavis!! just awesome!!


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