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What will I discover?

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tonal Variations on Rice Paper - 2

Tonal Variations on Rice Paper - Version 2 - The Other Side


Graphite on rice paper, 7" x 9" .

In yesterday's experiment with graphite drawing on rice paper, I determined that the soft and velvety surface of the rice paper didn't allow the graphite to create a full range of tones. The opposite side of the paper has a smoother surface, still soft but a little shinier, too.

So, with the same yellow #2 pencil, I made another drawing using the same method, starting with a loose scribble drawing, and filling in the shapes with curlicue lines, going over and over on the same spot to make denser layers of graphite and create darker tones.

Once again, the fragile rice paper didn't hold the graphite as well as a more robust paper might have done, but I find that the delicacy of tonal variations is very pleasant to look at.



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