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What will I discover?

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Birches and their Neighbors - Day 1

Frost on Squashberries
- a process of satisfaction 

I love photography – I love how it happens. 

First I find something that catches my eye. Then I work through what I consider attractive about it, and then I look at it again through the camera viewfinder, and if it still looks good, I take the photograph.
Afterwards, when I look at the image to edit it, I may be seeing what originally caught my eye, or I may find something completely different. Maybe what I find is better than what I wanted. Maybe I can enhance the image in the editing process.

In the end, making a good photograph is a process of satisfaction. At each step of the way, I have to be satisfied in order to continue working on it.
And so, looking at the finished photograph is also an experience of satisfaction, for me the photographer, and also for the viewer who I hope enjoys what satisfies me.


Barbara Martin (@Reptitude) said...

Sugar crystals! Pondering the phrase "process of satisfaction" -- I think it applies to more than photography. :)

Mavis said...

Oh, my! The frost crystals do look like sugar on the berries!
And they look delicious.
What a fine winter treat this would be!


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