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What will I discover?

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Birches and their Neighbors - Day 7

Birches on the Riverbank

Riverbank Birches at Sunset  
- with a thin sliver of moon

Sunsets on the river are worth seeing. Depending on the weather, the sunset can range from brilliant reds, pinks and oranges in the clouds, to a lone pale disc dropping into an overcast void. Depending on the season, the river can be a reflecting mirror, or a flat white field of snow and ice, with fringes of birch and alder on the riverbank. And depending on its cycle, the moon shows as a pretty-shaped decoration hanging over the scene. It's transient, though, a sunset is. So it's really worth taking a few minutes to look at it.


Barbara Martin (@Reptitude) said...

It's funny what we notice -- I saw the straggler leaves dangling in the tree before I saw the moon. But what I really wondered about was where the water begins and where the floodplain stops... looks like floating ice/irregularities on the bank for quite a ways. But I suppose that is a reality, the shifting of the water line depending on the season and conditions.

Mavis said...

Hi Barbara:
All that ice really is the river. The photo was taken from the edge of the riverbank, a few feet above water-level, and the broken ice is crushed tight to the shoreline. You can see that there is open water, too, in several places.
Rivers are truly amazing!


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