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Daily Artworks... my continuing challenge for 2015: Observe and record. Record and observe. And stretch - s-t-r-e-t-c-h - myself.
What will I discover?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Art Every Day Month - November 18

Lost in the Translation

I spent a good part of today listening to downloaded audio conferences, and as I was listening, I was doodling with a pencil.

Before I knew it, I had some interesting little value studies on the go.
All tiny rectangles. A page full of them. And it all had a very familiar look to it.
So I thought, how would these gray-scale designs translate into the watercolor painting arrangements I'm doing for the AEDM daily challenges?

I picked three tubes of colors to represent the dark, medium and light tones in the pencil drawings: alizarin crimson, opera magenta and permanent yellow. And I tried to work as loosely with the paint as I had done with the pencil.

Now that it's done, I do not feel that I have represented the graphite sketches at all as I had intended.
Perhaps I should have used a single color of paint and done a monotone value study to reproduce the pencil work.
Perhaps my choice of colors didn't represent the full tonal range of the graphite.

No matter, it was an experiment, and sometime before the month is out, I will take what I have learned, and paint it again.


Lisa Firke said...

Good for you for making the attempt! I truly believe nothing is ever wasted.

Mavis said...

Hi Lisa:
This experiment did feel like wasted time and effort at first, but you know, having done this exercise may have been the best possible use of my time and effort!
Thanks for the tip-off!


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